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Nomination Committee

At the extraordinary annual general meeting held on 19 August 2021, it was decided to implement principles for the appointment of the members of the nomination committee.

The nomination committee shall consist of representatives from the three largest shareholders as of 31 August and the Chairman of the Board who will also convene the first meeting.

Principles and instructions regarding the nomination committee (pdf)

The Nomination Commmitte for the Annual General Meeting 2022 consists of:

  • - Richard Sandenskog (Schibsted)
  • - Claes Kinell (Muirfield Invest AB)
  • - Mats Andersson (Abanico Invest AB)
  • - Jacob Møller (Chairman of the Board)
  • Richard Sandenskog is appointed as Chairman of the Nomination Committee.
  • The AGM will be held on 3 May 2022 in Gothenburg.
  • Shareholders who wish to submit a proposal to the Nomination Committee can do so by email to ir@hejalbert.se.