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What the journey has looked like


In the beginning, Albert was a mathematics service that schools could subscribe to. The team visited schools and teachers, met classes, and had demos. After a while, Arta and Salman decided to shift their focus to the consumer market, where they saw a greater need and better opportunities to really make a difference.


Albert began to appear in places where children and families naturally are. Football tournaments, grocery stores, theme parks, you name it!


Albert began to be mentioned in several of the largest podcasts, blogs and social media accounts in Sweden. Albert was also a main sponsor of some of the biggest children's races in the country at the time – and has been ever since.


After growing significantly with members in Sweden, Albert began to expand to further markets. The first step was to enter Norway and a few months later Albert was also available in Poland. The model proved to scale well outside Sweden as well, and 2020 ended as a strong year of growth.


Albert entered two more markets, Denmark and the United Kingdom, and launched more subjects to the members. Albert has since the beginning focused on mathematics, but now got a broadened range that also includes Swedish, geography and programming. By the autumn of 2021, more than 275,000 families had chosen to use us – a number that is growing by the day and that is a trust that we are proud of. As Albert grows, also the team has grown and during the journey, the number of employees has gone from about 10 people to 40, with over 18 nationalities.

In 2021, the company also took the next important step through a listing on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Our journey towards helping each child to learn in their own way has only just begun. So, fasten your seat belt and stay tuned!